One of the most basic tasks necessary for creating the garden is plant selection. The visual impact and ambiance of the garden can change drastically when different varieties of plants are chosen. Elements such as color, plant size, plant shape, and seasonal changes must be considered in order to produce the desired appearance.

At Earth Tender, we have a working knowledge of several hundred different kinds of plants. This allows us to select plants that are not only visually appealing, but that will also thrive in the sun, soil, and moisture conditions present in your garden. If you are unsure about which types of plants to use for your situation, Contact us and we'll be glad to help.

When you have decided on which types of plants to use, we will be glad to supply them and place them in the ground. We work with several nurseries in the area so that we can provide the healthiest plants at the best price. In addition, we will take care of any soil conditioning necessary to help ensure that the plants will thrive.